Coding Characters with Little Robot Friends

Little Robot FriendsCanadaAges 7- 13

View Coding Characters with Little Robot Friends during the digiPlaySpace event.

Dive into open source code to make complex behaviours! Little Robot Friends help kids explore interactivity and programming with easy-to-use, playful interfaces.

Little Robot Friends are electronic robot kits that make learning code fun and engaging, encourage creative exploration of math and music, and inspire young minds to discover their inner inventor. The robots come ready-to-play or as a DIY soldering kit, and are programmable through an app or third-party open-source software.

This installation is part of the Makers' Space.

Little Robot Friends

Little Robot Friends are created by Aesthetec Studio, an interaction design and technology studio based in Toronto. Co-founders Mark Argo and Ann Poochareon have created interactive installations for science centres and museums, and the majority of their design work revolves around taking complex, sometimes boring, subjects and making them fun to learn. Read more.