Design I/OUSAAges 8- 13

View Mimic during the digiPlaySpace event.

Interact with a robot through gestures and movement.

World Premiere

Mimic is a playful, interactive installation that allows visitors to engage in an ever-changing dialogue with a robot arm purely through gestures and movement. The robot's lifelike movements and responses change our relationship to the technology, giving it personality and creating a new type of connection.

Commissioned by TIFF. Mimic was developed through an artist residency at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. This project was developed with openFrameworks, and makes use of the ofxRobotArm and ofxURDriver libraries for robot control developed at the STUDIO by Madeline Gannon and Dan Moore.

UR5 Robot courtesy of Universal Robots and Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd.

Design I/O:
Theo Watson, Emily Gobeille, Nick Hardeman
Additional Robot Control Software: Dan Moore

Additional Assistance: Ben Snell, John Choi
Production Management: Thomas Hughes
Executive Producer: Golan Levin

Design I/O

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